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Vicodi - Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos Termoendurecidos,Lda. is a Portuguese company founded on 1985, which operates in the market as distributor of products, raw materials and equipment for the Manufacturing Industry and various sectors of Construction...  

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Huntsman Polyurethanes is a leading global company that produces and supplies MDI for ____

solutions in Polyurethane thus covering a wide variety of applications and market sectors...

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Polyurethane Solutions


Latest News

VICODI, LDA. would like to inform that, in a mutual agreement with HUNTSMAN POLYURETHANES, has established a partnership with the Spanish company ALMAQUlM S.A.,
focusing on the distribution of HUNTSMAN POLYURETHANE's products in the Iberian Peninsula.
As always VICODI, Lda will secure permanent stock of raw materiais as well as orders processing non forgetting commercial and technical support.

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> Systems of rigid polyurethane

> Flexible polyurethane systems

> ACE - Adhesives, Coatings (Coatings) and Elastomers

> Projection systems of polyurethane

> Projection systems of polyurea

>  Machinery and equipment for production of polyurethane

>  Machinery for projecting polyurethane

>  Release agents for polyurethanes

>  Ion exchange resin



Resinas - Remoldes

Poderá encontrar aqui a nova secção de Resinas e demais produtos relacionados com moldes.

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